Sticking To The Plan

Posted by:
Richard Sherman

I am so proud of the total team effort that we were able to put on in Foxboro on Sunday night. Our offense did an amazing job against a defense that specializes in taking away what you do best. Our guys just went out there and performed to their absolute best. Russell went out and threw strikes all game long, even when we were under pressure. Doug made big plays for us in key spots. Procise was the real deal in his first start for us.

Our defense did what it set out to do at the beginning of the week by being physical with their guys. We wanted to be sure to get plenty of pressure on Tom and to make him get the ball out quickly. New England has a lot of explosive guys on offense and it was important for us to jam their receivers off the line and to change the timing of their passing game. Coming up strong against the run was key as well. If Blount gets going, he can open up the rest of their offense. Being sure with our tackles is key to limiting their big play ability.

It was great to have Kam back from injury and on the field. He does so many things for us as a defense that goes unseen: he makes calls, he gets us in the right fits and even helps get our D-line where they should be. He does so many things that are unseen but that are crucial to us making things happen on defense. I don’t want to overlook the tangible things that Kam does. He is one of the most physical safeties in the run game that our league has seen. He also did a great job on Gronk by handling him one on one and holding him to three catches.

I’m excited about what this team has accomplished and I am convinced the best is yet to come for us. We are going to continue to grow as a team and we are also getting a few guys back from injuries. It is a good time to be a Seahawk fan right now.