The Next Step

Posted by:
Richard Sherman

Our win Thursday night against the Rams allowed us to clinch the NFC West title and guarantee us a playoff spot. It is amazing to meet one of the goals that we set out with at the beginning of the season, but I know that this team is not done yet.

I think we have a chance to win the Super Bowl. We need to bring our “A” game and every single guy on this team has to play mistake free football. We don’t have the margin for error that we have had on some of our teams in the past. We have to play sound, fundamental football if we want to reach what is next for us.

This team might not have the margin for error that we once did, but I think our will to win is stronger than ever. We are ready to sacrifice so that we can play together as a team. We play hard because we play for each other. You have to understand what you are playing for. You’re playing for Cliff Avril’s son Xavier or I’m playing for Michael’s daughter or I’m playing for Bobby Wagner’s daughter. When you keep everything in perspective, that’s when you understand who you’re playing for and you go out there and give everybody your 100 percent.

Our greatest advantage we have is our brotherhood. So we will keep fighting for what is right in front of us, knowing that this team has championship DNA.