Just call Sherman ‘Captain Clutch’

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Richard Sherman

Just what Richard Sherman needs – another nickname. And one handed out by the Cartoon Network, at that.

But you can call the Seahawks’ All-Pro cornerback “Captain Clutch” after Sherman picked up the award that comes with the name at the Cartoon Network’s Hall of Game Awards on Monday night. It was, according to reports, the most prestigious of the honors that were decided by 100 million on-line votes.

Sherman also presented an award – the “SI Kids Sportskids of the Year” to 14-year-old Jack Wellman, who took to coaching after sustaining an injury while playing.

The Seahawks also took the awards for “Best Foes Forever,” which they shared with their NFC West rivals, the San Francisco 49ers; and “Fanatic Fanstars,” which went to the Seahawks, but actually belongs to their 12th Man fans.


It was Sherman’s deflection in the end zone on the 49ers’ final play – the “Immaculate Deflection,” as it has been dubbed – that iced the Seahawks’ six-point victory in the NFC Championship game. Sherman also had a pick-six in the fourth quarter to tie the Seahawks’ Week 4 game against the Texans in Houston, which the Seahawks then won in overtime. It was one of Sherman’s NFL-high eight interceptions. 

In the “Best Foes Forever” category, the Seahawks bested the Miami Heat and Brooklyn Nets, tennis players Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal and Alabama and Auburn in college football. In the “Fanatic Fanstars” category, the Seahawks topped Texas A&M, the Golden State Warriors and the Pittsburgh Penguins.

In addition to Sherman, middle linebacker Bobby Wagner, wide receiver Jermaine Kearse, and fullback Michael Robinson represented the Super Bowl champion Seahawks.



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