Richard Sherman Running for Office?

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Richard Sherman

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman dismissed the idea of running for office after his career in the NFL ends in a piece he wrote for Sports Illustrated’s "The Monday Morning Quarterback."

“People have asked me about a life after football, and more than once I’ve been asked about a life in politics. Sorry, but it’s not for me,” Sherman wrote.

Sherman said he's "not thinking too much about next year and beyond that yet," still focusing on his team's Super Bowl win.

"I’ve got my blinders off, and I’m going to appreciate this championship for just a little bit longer," Sherman said.

Sherman did note that he hopes to stay involved with football even after his days as a player are over.

"I want to stay around the game of football and teach as many kids as I can. I want kids to experience football as a gateway to visit places and see new things, the way it was for me," Sherman wrote. "It’s been a gift from God to be able to play the game and understand it at a high level, and I think I need to share it."

Sherman made headlines after giving a lively interview to Fox Sport's Erin Andrews after his team won the NFC championship game on Jan. 19.