Richard Sherman: Lights. Camera. SOUP!

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Richard Sherman


Notes from the set:


At this point, it's an obvious statement to say that Richard Sherman is one of the most fascinating and entertaining players in the NFL, both for his play and his ... well, everything else. Without a doubt he's becoming one of the new faces of the league. Sherman's contagious brand of wit and humor was on display as he, along with his mother, Beverly, shot the latest installment of the Campbell's Chunky Soup "Mama's Boy" advertisement. I visited the set in Hollywood and captured some of the moments in between takes and bites of soup.


Richard is something like a real-life animated character. Whether it's the smile, the dreads or the quick wit, it is hard not to smile and be entertained when around him. Commercial shoots are usually long and sometimes extremely boring, with hot lights, constant takes and long hours involved. It's sometimes hard to stay upbeat. However, Sherman was always on, whether it was during the actual acting part of the day or while cracking jokes with his mother and brother. The mood was always light and fun. It's easy to see where he gets it from, as Beverly was something of a star herself whenever she put her acting chops on display.


The ad also features some of the most recognizable Seattle Seahawks characters. It is great to see this passionate fanbase get recognized in this way and have some of their more colorful members featured in a national ad. Hearing their stories of years and years of supporting the Seahawks was wonderful. One lifelong fan, Cedric Morris, was directly responsible for Richard and his mom becoming Campbell's "Mama and Mama's Boy," as he started a campaign to get Beverly, whom the fanbase calls "Mama Sherman," featured in the ad. 


The finished ad will no doubt be fun and will premiere at the start of the 2014 NFL Season. And yes, there will be soup for you.



Joey Maloney