The Rock names Richard Sherman best trash talker in NFL

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Richard Sherman

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson knows a thing or two about trash talking. Even prior to his days as the biggest WWE wrestler in the world, Johnson was a part of the 1991 University of Miami Hurricanes college football team that won the national championship.

At The U, Johnson learned the distinctive art for that is trash talking, and proceeded to utilize his own epic brand of the verbal beatdown into an extremely successful career in professional wrestling that incorporated songs and rhymes into his attacks.

During that time, The Rock became one of the most legendary wrestlers in history, thanks in large part to his incredible ability to control the crowd with his speeches along with his electric athleticism inside of a ring.

The Rock knows a good trash talker when he sees one, and he recently gave his thoughts on Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman’s brand of trash talk in an interview with Fox.


The Rock stated that “Richard Sherman took notes from the Rock’s trash talking”. Although The Rock may be the classic trash talker, he does admit that Sherman is a great trash talker and he appreciates him as well.

Sherman has a lot to work on before he gets to the level of The Rock, but he is well on his way to becoming one of the all time greats in terms of talking trash.

It also helps that Sherman is good enough on the field to be able to back up his big words. The Seahawks cornerback is the best paid corner in the NFL and the Super Bowl champion will be gracing the front cover of this years Madden.



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