Seattle Fan Offers Despondent Green Bay Fan His Richard Sherman Jersey

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Richard Sherman

12s, thanks for helping me track down PJ... great story of a true 12. PJ, I appreciate what you did for for Austin. I'm going to send you a new signed Jersey and some gear from my store. I know you didn't expect anything in return, but you deserve it.

As seen on KING5 Seattle...

Look, let's be honest: most grandstands at NFL games are frigid, roiling pits of alcohol-soaked sin, degradation and brawling occasionally punctuated by cheers or off-key chants. They're not places for normal humans, much less kids. But every so often, something happens that gives you faith in both humanity and NFL stadium denizens, as unlikely as that might sound.

According to KING 5 News of Seattle, two Packers fans, Tim McElravy and his 13-year-old son Austin, were enjoying the Green Bay-Seattle playoff game ... enjoying it very much until the final two minutes, matter of fact. The McElravys were taking plenty of grief from surrounding Seahawks fans, and at the end of the heartbreaking-for-Green-Bay game, couldn't even point to the scoreboard for salvation. Austin was despondent until a Seattle fan by the name of "PJ" literally buddied up to Austin and gave him the jersey off his back:

(Photo by KING News)

Tim McElravy tried to locate the mysterious "PJ" with a Facebook post that read:

"Can you help us get in contact with this fan? We attended the game today and my son and I are die-hard Packers fans. At the game there was one fan (a 12) who was pretty vulgar to us and said some pretty rude things to me and my 13 year old son Austin. The whole game this guy in a Sherman Jersey was talking to us having a good time...offered to trade jerseys with us (but we did not want to give up our Green and Gold). At the end of the game my son congratulated him on a great game and PJ took off his Sherman Super Bowl Jersey and GAVE it to my son. We were moved to tears...the 12's showed what being a Seahawk fan is truly about."

KING News posted the above photo on its Instagram account, and soon enough, PJ was located. "It was an emotional decision at the time, it was my last year's Super Bowl jersey and Sherman is my favorite player," PJ said of handing over the jersey. "You attach memories to that. As awesome as those memories are, that kid is never going to forget that moment and that means more to me than that jersey."

Good on ya, PJ. Way to redeem football fans everywhere.




By Jay Busbee | Yahoo Sports | January 20, 2014