Richard Sherman helping Cary Williams with Seahawks’ technique | Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman helping Cary Williams with Seahawks’ technique


The 6-foot-1 and 190-pound Cary Williams talked Thursday about the Seattle Seahawks and the Legion of Boom’s obsessive “attention to detail.”

“It’s a great environment,” Williams said. “It’s an environment that’s fun. You’re going to play around fast, fly around the ball. You’re encouraged to compete at the top of the routes, be as aggressive as possible, and just go out there and have fun.”

Williams is competing against Tharold Simon, fellow free-agent addition Will Blackmon, and 2015 fifth-round draft pick Tye Smith to start opposite Richard Sherman.

“They talk about being more patient,” Williams said of Seattle’s approach. “There’s a lot of intricate things that are different than other places. They’re more focused on the details, like I said, and it’s an emphasis on those things and making sure you’re focused on those small details on every snap.”

Sherman took time during the team’s first OTA to work with Williams on the Seahawks’ technique.

“He’s a guy that’s reliable each and every Sunday, a guy that comes out and makes plays and backs up what he talks,” Williams said of Sherman. “You could see all those things that you see on television actually coming to fruition, and why? It’s because of his practice habits. He’s a great practice guy, he’s a great leader, and I think everybody leans heavily on that guy to encourage them and try to get bits and pieces from his game and try to apply them in yours. I think it’s humbling, and a great honor.”

Prior to his two-year stint with the Eagles (2013-14), Williams was a starter on the Baltimore Ravens team that won the Super Bowl in 2012, a year that saw him record a career-high four interceptions.

“The great leadership we had in that locker room, it’s the same thing here,” said Williams. “Great coaching, great guys in the locker room, great atmosphere, and guys just coming out here competing each and every day and trying to get better.”


Rick Brisse | | May 29, 2015



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