Richard Sherman confident in defense, says Kam absence no factor

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Richard Sherman

The Seattle Seahawks defense didn't have their greatest outing during the team's 34-31 overtime loss to St. Louis on Sunday, but that doesn't mean it's time to panic, as cornerback Richard Sherman said Wednesday.

Sherman said he has '100 percent' confidence in the defense and that what went wrong on Sunday isn't anything that can't be fixed.

"That's what we're excited about because they were all fixable issues," Sherman said. "It wasn't like there was any guy just getting straight-up beat. Dion (Bailey) slipped on one play, and that's fixable. He shouldn't have been in press anyway. You got guys that missed tackles that they make nine times out of ten. We're just going to work on tackling, working on tracking, working on the things we always work on."

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The finger has been pointed this week at safety Kam Chancellor's absence due to his continued holdout as part of the reason the Seahawks weren't up to par on defense Sunday, but Sherman said that Chancellor being in the game might not have made a difference.

"I think last week it was more missed tackles," Sherman said. "Guys that usually make tackles missed a couple. I think we were a bit rusty. There were some communication issues, some personnel issues that we didn't get addressed. But I don't think if Kam Chancellor's here we make those same mistakes. I just think guys just have to tackle better, we have to communicate better, and that's what we're going to work on this week."

Sherman said that the rest of the team doesn't seem to be too affected by Chancellor's absence.

"I don't think so," Sherman said. "I think we have a pretty strong locker room. I think guys know who they are. We have great players, great leaders. I don't think they're concerned at all about what's going on. They're concerned about fixing things that we need to fix for this week for Green Bay."

Sherman says he hasn't spoken to Chancellor in about two or three weeks.

"Just been kind of caught up with the season, caught up with what we've got going on here," Sherman said. "I think we text every now and then, but you just gotta focus on the season. I don't text a lot of people in the season."




By Kirk Larrabee | | September 16, 2015