Richard Sherman has secret little weapon for overcoming losses

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Richard Sherman

In previous seasons, Richard Sherman might have dwelled in disappointment with Seahawks fans after the numbing fourth quarter losses that have defined Seattle's season.

But that was pre-Rayden.

"You come home after those losses ... and you can somehow have a smile on your face; you can somehow enjoy your night and enjoy your time," the Pro Bowl cornerback told 710 ESPN Seattle's "The Huddle." "And it puts everything into perspective. You realize how great your life is, how much joy one little person can bring you in one day, and it really brings you together and it helps you to recover for the next week."

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Much has been made of Sherman's more even-keeled approach to the game, most notably after he became a father four days after Seattle's Super Bowl loss.

Sherman, who always looked up to and appreciated Muhammad Ali's swagger, said fatherhood has changed him, but that's not the only reason he's been less vocal than in years past.

"Wisdom comes with age, they say, but also, there was a lot more action when I was younger," he said. "A lot more people on Twitter then, saying things, and I think everybody has kind of gotten the point now where they know if they come, then there's gonna be a rebuttal. But it's also… it comes with age, picking your battles and understanding what matters and what doesn't matter."

Sherman said Rayden, born Feb. 5, is standing up and getting braver every day.

"He's holding onto the table and then he'll let go for a second and then he'll grab it back," Sherman said. "Like they say, it's a new experience every day, but a ton of fun."

He's also staying cautiously optimistic about some of Rayden's major milestones.

"That's what I keep hearing, they say walking and talking you really want it until it's happening," he said.



Eric Mandel | | October 30, 2015