What's It Like To Celebrate Blue Friday With Richard Sherman?

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Richard Sherman

As a celebration of Blue Friday (and perhaps in an effort to keep Seattleites excited about the team), AmEx hosted a moderated Q&A with Sherman and Trufant at the Starbucks Reserve Roastery.

Coffee and Seahawks? Call me Maria 'cuz those are a few of my favorite things!

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Sherman and Trufant (or "Sherm" and "Trusef" as they called each other), are obviously friends and joked with each other for the whole night. Questions from fans ranged from "Who in the locker room does the best Ciara 1-2 Step?" Answer: "We haven't had that competition yet, but I'll bring it up tomorrow,"; to "What do you say to people who said you've lost your edge this season?"

A bit of that Sherman fire came out on that last one.

"I'd say to those people that they weren't there at the beginning. They didn't know what motivated me at the beginning. You can't do what I do. It doesn't take any talent at all to criticize."

One fan asked Sherman for words of encouragement for her young son, who is 4'10" and passionate about playing professional basketball. "What advice would you give him?"

"What is Nate Robinson?" said Sherman. "There are examples of players out there at all levels. You can't stop someone who is unstoppable. You got to believe that you're the perfect size to just go out there and win."

Later we got a one on one with the man himself, here's a brief Q&A:

Seattle Refined: This is your first season as a father, does that make you a little more nervous out there? You have someone to look out for after-all!
Sherman: Well he's not out there! Thank goodness. It's pretty much the same out there, that's one thing that's a constant is football. The thing that's always evolving is outside of football. You go home, and the next thing you know...at first he was sitting there, and then he's standing up, and then he's trying to wobble around. It's crazy! Every day seems like something new and there's something else he's trying to get into. All of a sudden you're finding all these places in your house that you didn't know were there and then it's like, "what do you have in your mouth?" "What did you just pick up?" You know, you got to follow him around! He's a little investigator.

Does he (son Rayden) come to games?
No he doesn't come to any games. It's too much for a toddler.

Tell us a little about your foundation?
Our foundation works a lot with kids from the inner city, kids who I don't think were awarded the chance to be successful so we do our best to even out the playing field for them. Sometimes that means providing school supplies, clothes, shoes. We also help families around the holidays, Thanksgiving - try to feed families that most likely wouldn't have a Thanksgiving without us.

What are your Thanksgiving plans? Are you going to be in Seattle for the holiday?
I believe so, honestly we don't get the freedom to go anywhere else. I will be in Seattle, last year we were in San Francisco because we had to play. We don't get much say so in that.

What's your favorite Thanksgiving dish?
I would have to say ham. The ham with the pineapple and all the fixings, it just does it for me.

We have a cooking show we do with Michael Bennett and Safeway....any thoughts there?
I don't think anything with cooking will happen. I think he will just be himself the entire show. You may get around to frying something up for the last five minutes but if it's an hour show, you might get an hour of Mike Bennett and maybe a history lesson.

Last time we shot with him, he seemed very preoccupied with gas...no one but his wife Pele could get him to stop talking about it!
She's the only one who could stop him! There's not a lineman in the world who could stop that man, but she could stop him in an instant.

If could could say one thing to Bennett in prep for his cooking shoot with us, what would it be?
Whatever you do, don't sign it off Black Santa.

Final question, how do you take your coffee?
I usually take it as a Frappuccino, and I take it brown. You're asking for all my details, all my secrets - I can't just give those away!



Britt Thorson | komonews.com | November 21, 2015