Mike Davis requests half off Richard Sherman's shirt deal

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Richard Sherman

Seattle Seahawks RB Mike Davis requests extra discount from Richard Sherman on Sherman merchandise.

Seattle Seahawks running back Mike Davis is quickly building a reputation as the team's social media funny man and he was at it again this week. Of course, he may have also been dead serious, which may only make the interaction between him and teammate Richard Sherman funnier.

While Sherman was spotlighting a deal on some of his merchandise -- the crafty cornerback was offering a buy-one-get-one-free deal on his shirt collection -- Mike Davis apparently wanted even more of a discount and he wasn't shy about asking his teammate for some extra help in the public sphere of Twitter. The interaction stopped abruptly but still lead to a humorous encounter between the two.

The way Sherman capitalized the "M" in money, it looks like Davis' nickname may be Money Mike or maybe Sherman just thought the alliteration on that was fun. Who knows? Whatever the case, it doesn't seem like Davis will be getting his discount on top of the discount. There's already half off, Mike. It's a buy-one-get-one deal. But maybe free was always your fiendish plan.

Meanwhile, Davis is lucky some 12's aren't in charge of the decision. One fan wanted to charge him double for when he accidentally pushed Russell Wilson during the season; although Davis will contend he didn't push Wilson that hard.

It's all in good fun but Sherman's probably going to need his money, Mike, if you want one of his shirts. After all, the Seahawks are going to ask him to take a pay cut here soon. Support the cause.

Source: 247 Sports | Derek Lewis | February 17th, 2018