My Response to Donald Trump's 'Locker Room Talk' Defense

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Richard Sherman

This past week, Donald Trump found himself in the middle of more controversy than usual, as a leaked tape from 2005 revealed some incredibly inappropriate Trumpian comments about women. The presidential candidate took to the media to apologize for his comments, and defended himself by saying such comments were simply "locker room talk." However, athletes all over the country have responded, enforcing the fact that these kind of comments are in no way locker room talk. 

“I think it was a cop out,” Sherman said Wednesday. “I think it was a cop out. He needed some way to divert attention from himself. That’s not how most people talk in the locker room and I think a lot of athletes would say the same. But it allows him to divert the conversation away from him, which was the focus. So yeah, I think it’s nothing.”


Source: Bob Condotta via