Richard Sherman Praises Houston's Watson

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Richard Sherman

Seattle Seahawks defensive back Richard Sherman is a smart guy known for his opinions. His thoughts on Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson, given Sherman’s talents, should carry a lot of weight.

According to Richard Sherman, the rookie gunslinger is the best he’s seen.

“I’ll tell you,” Sherman said to Peter King after being asked about Deshaun Watson. “‘You played the best game any quarterback has ever played against us, and we’ve played all the legends. I respect how you hung in there and kept battling and battling.’”

For those missing context, Watson scorched Seattle’s defense on Sunday. Watson became the first player in NFL history with at least 400 yards passing, 4 passing touchdowns and at least 55 yards rushing in the same game, according to the Texans’ public relations department. He finished the day 19 of 30 for 402 yards and 4 touchdowns through the air, and added a game-high 67 yards on the ground.

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Said Richard Sherman to King to elaborate on the craziness:

“My God, Houston’s so lucky. By next year he’s going to be a top-five quarterback in this league, and that includes the two big dogs [Brady and Rodgers]. He makes you dig to the deepest part of your competitive juices to beat him.”

Through seven career games, Watson has 19 touchdown passes. According to ESPN, that is the most by any player in his first seven games in NFL history. ESPN also reported that his four 3-touchdown games this season are already the most by a rookie since the merger in 1970.

Basically, Watson is a superhero.

Nevertheless, the Seahawks still managed to win on Sunday. Bill O’Brien is taking the blame for it.

Source: Clutch Points | Joseph Nardone | October 30, 2017