Richard Sherman says he didn't do anything wrong diving into Bills kicker

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Richard Sherman

Everyone is freaking out about two plays involving Richard Sherman from Monday night. The first was the sequence at the end of the first half where the Bills were robbed of an opportunity for a short field goal. The other is the final Bills' play of the game where Sherman shoved a receiver down.

In both cases, Sherman believes he was in the right because of the NFL rulebook. He's right about the second instance, but the blocked field goal is questionable.
Asked by Lisa Salters after the game why he dove into Dan Carpenter, Sherman says he was playing to the whistle.

"I went to block the kick. I'm not going to let him make a kick," Sherman said. "When they called offsides, I'm not going to let him have a free play. That's not how I play. So I played until the whistle's blown."

Ultimately it's not on Sherman here. The referees lost total control of the situation -- they should have flagged Sherman for unnecessary roughness and given the Bills 15 yards.
But it certainly didn't look like the cleanest play in the world. And the NFL, through NFL VP of Officiating Dean Blandino, even admitted after the game it should have been a flag for roughing the kicker.

"Referee didn't think the contact was severe enough, he felt that players were coming together and he just didn't think it was a foul," Blandino explained. "We looked at it, it is a foul, it's no different than a defender coming offside and hitting the quarterback after the whistle blew, so it should have been unnecessary roughness."

Informed by Salters that the Bills felt it was dirty, Sherman said he "went straight for the ball."

"I went straight for the ball. I didn't go for the kicker. I slid for the ball," Sherman said. "He should have not kicked it. Maybe he wanted to. I went for the ball. That's where I went. So if the ball gets tipped on the play, the rule is if it's tipped there's no flag."
And, yes, the referees missed a bunch of calls Monday night. What's new? Nothing according to Sherman.

"That don't mean nothing to me. They've missed a ton of calls," Sherman said. "We dealt with missed calls all year. That wouldn't have helped them anymore. They still would've kicked the field goal."

Weird things always happen in Seattle during prime-time games. Monday night was no different, and you can bet the controversy surrounding the end of the first half won't be going away any time soon.


Will Brinson | | November 7th, 2016