Richard Sherman to Kobe: Challenge Accepted

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Richard Sherman

Once again, it's on.

Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant laid down a tremendous challenge to Seattle Seahawks CB Richard Sherman during Mamba Day, as he tasked each athlete, who subscribes to his Mamba Mentality, with a goal.

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Kobes test? Break the Seahawks single-season interception record currently held by Kenny Easley and John Harris. Sherman would need 11 interceptions to hold the record by himself. And even though quarterbacks are leery of challenging him, he's accepted the task.


And in the true spirit of his Say Less slogan, Sherman didn't say much more than that.

Anyone who thought Sherman was going to back down from a challenge was mistaken from jump. But, it's always nice to get confirmation from the man himself.

He wasted no time giving it to us. Every Seahawk opponent in 2017, you're officially on notice.


Source: 24/7 Sports | Derke Lewis | August 24, 2017