Richard Sherman Drop #1: First Pro Game

April 27, 2022

Richard Sherman

What's up RSPCT fam! Today I'm launching my new virtual shop including a collection of gear from my first pro game with Seattle.

Today you can purchase collectible packs at containing 3 physical, rare, or game items. The pack drop is open until September 8, 2022 at which point it will close and items will be minted and randomly distributed to participators. See below for more details and pack contents.

Featured Game: Seattle vs Pittsburgh

Drop End Date: September 8, 2022

The number of items minted will be determined by the number of packs sold at the end of the drop. An additional 5% of packs will be held by me for future giveaways and customer support. Everyone who purchases a pack will be invited to my private Discord channel!

ItemTypeDescriptionMint Quantity
GameLimited minted virtual jersey NFT from first pro game.
Based on Pack Count
Limited minted virtual gloves NFT from first pro game.
Based on Pack Count
Limited minted virtual cleats NFT from first pro game.
Based on Pack Count
Limited minted virtual football NFT from first pro game.
Based on Pack Count
T-shirtPhysical$40 merch credit plus NFT.1 in 5 Packs
$40 merch credit plus NFT.
1 in 5 Packs
$40 merch credit plus NFT.
1 in 5 Packs
Signed CleatsPhysical
Signed exclusive RSPCT cleats and NFT.
Signed Jersey
Signed exclusive Pro Bowl jersey and NFT
Signed PosterPhysicalSigned RSPCT poster and NFT.
Signature TokenRareNFT to authenticate items in the future.1 in 10 Packs
Virtual Shop Banner
RareCustomize message on Richard's shop banner on opening day.1

There will be two types of packs available for purchase:

PackMax Per PersonPriceDescription
Common100$293 random items.
Signature10$993 random items plus guaranteed signature token.

A minimum of 200 common packs and 50 signature packs with be minted.

How can you participate?

  • Visit the pack drop at
  • Purchase packs before the end date of September 8, 2022.
  • Receive email from Richard with confirmation and Discord invite.
  • After the time window closes none of these specific items will ever be minted for this game.
  • Packs will be distributed within 24 hours of the end date when all items are minted and randomly assigned.
  • Receive email from Richard with a link to open your pack.

Please visit the FAQs section on my website for more details regarding marketplaces and packs!

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